Het laatste nieuws kunt u vinden in het Technology News van Soudronic. Hiermee blijft u op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen!
Al meer dan 60 jaar is Soudronic actief met het ontwikkelen, bouwen en installeren van kosten-efficiënte systemen ten behoeve van de blikverpakkingsindustrie. Op de website van Soudronic vindt u ook alle laatste nieuwsitems. Klik hier om naar de nieuwsitems op website van Soudronic te gaan.

Technology News Soudronic

Tool box for refinishing and aligning roller heads Difference in the detail – Lightweight rigidity Keeping a cool head
Maintenance is much easier with the roller head service kit.

In the Roller Head Service Kit, the customer has all required tools and spare parts at hand for the roller head maintenance. Efficient refinishing and alignment of the roller heads helps gain valuable production time and reduce machine downtime to a minimum.
Technology News Issue 18 July 2019

The art of not falling flat on your face
Despite their oversized bills, toucans don’t keel over. Equipped with serrated edges that are perfect for tearing fruit, their beaks are surprisingly light and, thanks to a complex structure, extremely tough.
Technology News Issue 27 June 2019
Difference in the Detail – Thermoregulation
Animals have evolved many ways of staying cool. Jackrabbits have enormous ears with exposed blood vessels that dissipate heat and keep their body tem-perature within reasonable limits. Overheating is also a problem for resistance welding machines and shortens the service life of the roller head. I
Technology News Issue 3 May 2019

 Sourdonic news, Calibrating Force Monitor  Soudronic welder Easy setup Soudronic news, Uniprofiler
CFM Calibrating Force Monitor Soudronic welder – Easy setup UNIPROFILER
Thanks to the new Calibrating Force Monitor, all welding-related influences can be detected. Soudronic engineers have reached another major milestone that will boost production reliability in welding technology.
Technology News Issue 38 April 2018

An easier format change is hard to imagine.

Feeder settings
Quick reproducible format settings are the key to high-efficiency machines.Easy and time-saving
Technology News Issue 37 January 2018

Motor-driven regulation of wire width for the wire profiling unit.
Constant wire width – measured and corrected in real time
Tedious measuring and manual correction no longer necessary.
Technology News Issue 36 January 2018

 Soudronic news, rounding measuring device   seam temperature controle, news soudronic
 Rounding measuring device (SRM) UNICONTROL 3 with new, integrated CAN bus and I/O diagnosis  Seam temperature control boosts product quality
Soudronic now offers the diagnostics functionality of the Adaptive Rounding System (ARS) as an individual feature under the name Soudronic Rounding Measuring Device (SRM).
Technology News Issue 33 December 2017
The new feature allows rapid diagnostics without the need for auxiliary equipment on the UNICONTROL screen. Diagnosis of CAN bus problems is usually difficult without the help of an experienced specialist because the necessary measuring instruments are not available. The new CAN bus test module facilitates diagnostics and detects CAN bus problems before they lead to a production stoppage.
Technology News Issue 35 December 2017
As the demand for greater all-round can quality increases, the packaging industry needs more effective production monitoring. One area of the manufacturing process crucial to quality is seam coating control. Fortunately, it is now a simple task to make vital functions visible to the operator.
Technology News Issue 34 December 2017

Motorized flexer setting system MFS
Tool II New version of the standard tool
OSS – Automatic nozzle cleaning increases
production quality

The new option allows for faster, more precise
adjustment of the flexer unit.
Technology News Issue 32 August 2017

The latest generation of our standard tool is
configurable for various requirements.
In its simplest form, it is ideal for cost-effective
sample production but can easily be modified
for more exacting requirements.
Retrofitting is also possible at any time.
Technology News Issue 31 August 2017
In lacquer spraying systems, the application
nozzle can often become blocked after a break in
production, sometimes even during production.
Water-based lacquer systems are particularly
prone to blockage. Now, however, manual
removal of lacquer deposits is no longer necessary.
Soudronic has developed a nozzle steam cleaning
system (SCS), which guarantees higher production
reliability and quality of seam coating.
Technology News Issue 30 June 2017

SOUCURE G – Gas burner with stainless
steel burner tube
Tandem outside spray system for
high-end production requirements
Making the tried-and-tested better:
SOUCURE I inductor with new casting
Corrosion-resistant burner tubes can be used
to prevent corrosion caused by lacquer
condensate, humidity, and oxidization as a
result of thermal stress.
The tandem OSS was developed with a view
to improving weld seam quality.
Technology News Issue 28 January 2017
Plastic parts, such as inductor housings, are
subject to influences that are difficult to
simulate in laboratory tests.
Technology News Issue 27 December 2016
Technology News Issue 29 June 2017

Combo welding arm for SOUCAN 800-2000
Active cooling for SOUCAN 800-2000
wire drive roller
Shielding gas monitoring
The COMBO welding arm offers maximum
flexibility and is compatible with different
roller head designs. It is now also available
for high-speed welders.
High welding speeds call for special measures
to prevent tin build-up in the wire guide pulleys.
Technology News Issue 25 October 2016
New electric monitoring of the gas flow rate
immediately recognizes malfunctions and
enables effective quality control.
Technology News Issue 24 August 2016
Technology News Issue 26 November 2016

 technology news soudornic june 2016  Ocsam and Cepak merger streamlines soudronic news  Soudronic seam lacquering
PRC-T / PRC-TS: Lacquer level monitoring
boosts production reliability
Ocsam and Cepak merger streamlines operations
Outside seam lacquering unit ANL-LST
Automatic monitoring detects low lacquer
levels immediately and enables operators to
replace or refill the bottle in good time,
guaranteeing continuous production, free
of unnecessary disruptions.
Technology News Issue 23 June 2016
Following the retirement of Cepak Managing
Director Villiam Ferretti at the end of 2015,
Soudronic is merging the company with Ocsam,
its second Italian subsidiary. The move will give
employees a new state-of-the-art workplace in
Calerno, Reggia Emilia, with no effect on the
product portfolio. Mauro Spiga, Ocsam General
Manager, heads up the new operation, Ocsam
Cepak s.r.l., from January 1, 2016.
The new ANL-LST is a logical development of
the outside seam lacquering unit that has proven
its worth for so many years now.
Technology News Issue 22 November 2016

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Soudronic CAN-O-MAT II features new beading process

CAN-O-MAT II features new beading process

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Soudronic news Outside spray system OSS

Outside spray system OSS

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