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Complete production lines for deep-drawn canbodies with round, conical, rectangular or irregular shapes.
The deep-drawing press systems usually perform the following processes: stamping, pre-drawing, final-drawing, embossing, paneling and trimming.
The finished cans are ejected on an outfeed conveyor that transports the cans to a packaging table or palletizer.

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Deep-drawing systems are designed and manufactured at Soudronic in Bergdietikon.

High-speed multi-die presses for deep-drawn cans

The sheet feed multi-die press, is capable of stamping and forming up to eight cans in a single stroke.
The UNIPRESS or UNIPRESS/UNIPRESS-RPT multi-die press line used in the production of deep-drawn cans typically features a UNIPRESS-type press for pre-drawing. Pre-drawn cans are then transferred to the UNIPRESS-RPT, where the can’s final shape is drawn.
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CAN-O-MAT combination machines 2PC

The Soudronic Group offers the combination machine CAN-O-MAT 2PC for medium and high-speed applications.

The technologically mature CAN-O-MAT system features high-level modularity and process capability, and is suitable for a medium range of applications, including, necking, flanging, beading and light testing. With fast, simple retooling, it combines extremely high productivity with top product quality, while offering high safety levels and effective protection for operators.
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