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Volledig geïntegreerde productielijnen, van zeer lage snelheden tot max. 1200 cans per minuut.


soudronic blikverpakkingsmachines


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De firma Soudronic ontwerpt, installeert en onderhoudt volledig geïntegreerde canbody productielijnen, van zeer lage snelheden tot maximaal 1200 blikjes per minuut.

  • Slitters for high precision and fast output.
  • Transfer systems. The transfer systems feed the blank magazine of the canbody welder with cut blanks from the slitter. Thanks to its substantial reserve capacity for blanks, the transfer unit can compensate for short upstream or downstream production interruptions, thus guaranteeing non-stop operation of the production line.
    With a feeding capacity of up to 1500 blanks per minute, our transfer systems are suitable for all system layouts and configurations.
  • Canbody welders. The canbody welder is at the heart of any three-piece can production line. It forms the body blanks into their basic shape and welds the seam overlap. Our Superwima welding principle requires only a minimal overlap of a few tenths of a millimeter. Optimum control of the welding current combined with precision-matched pressure on the overlap guarantees a mashed seam of only 1.4 times the thickness of the sheet metal.
  • Seam Protection Systems. Weld seam protection for quality cans.
    Effective protection of the weld seam is crucial to the quality of a three-piece can. That’s why we offer a broad range of seam protection technologies and systems.
    After welding, the next step in the manufacture of a quality can is the application of a durable protective layer to the inner and outer seams.
  • Curing systems. Soudronic has a modular range of curing systems designed to harden the seam protection layer effectively.
    Immediately after the application of the lacquer or powder seam protection layer, the canbody undergoes heat treatment.
  • Combination Machines CAN-O-MAT and BODYPACK.The Soudronic Group offers the combination machine CAN-O-MAT for medium and high-speed and the Bodypack for low speed applications.
  • Testers. When it comes to quality assurance, the standalone TEST-O-MAT pressure decay leakage tester for three-piece cans with double-seamed bottoms leaves nothing to chance.

soudronic blikverpakkingsmachines

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