Meet nauwkeurig de kenmerken van 3-delige aerosol bussen.


The Aerosol Can Inspection Station uses state-of-the-art optical technology to accurately measure critical parameters of 3-Piece Aerosol Cans.

Measures: Can Height Overall, Can Height Over the Seams, Internal Diameter 1″ Opening, Outside Diameter 1″ Opening, Seam Diameter Top Seam, Neck Shoulder Height, Seam Length Top Seam, Can Body Outside Diameter.


Benefits Aerosol Can Inspector:
Increased Accuracy:
• Bottles Rotated Automatically – No operator influence
• Highly Accurate Optical measurement

Features Aerosol Can Inspector:
• Automatic Data Transfer
• Integrated PC – Stand Alone Device
• Precision Made Parts and Sturdy Design
• Requires Visionary Software
• Requires Masters for Can Height measurement


Een video en meer (technische) gegevens zijn te vinden op de website van CMC-Kuhnke: Bekijk alle mogelijkheden, ACI-1000 Aerosol Can Inspector

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